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Attention Students: Please be aware that ProctorU has changed the browser extension used for proctored exams. Effective immediately, you will no longer use the ProctorU browser extension to take your exams. Instead, you must download ProctorU's Guardian Browser to take any ProctorU exam.


To ensure you are ready for your exam, please check the minimum system requirements and test your equipment beforehand. 


With the Guardian Browser, Google Chromebooks will no longer be supported for ProctorU Record+ exams.  



Creating a ProctorU Account: 

Downloading Guardian Browser: 


Launching Exam for Record+ (Guardian): 

screenshot of guardian app

screenshot canvas login in guardian browser

Full Details for Record+ Exam Launch

Launching Exam for Review+ (Guardian): 

screenshot proctoru support chat in guardian browser

Full Details on Review+ Exam Launch

Student Resources:

Test-Taker Resource Center

Download Guardian Browser

How do I test my Equipment?

Equipment Requirements