Reconfigure Mac Mail

This article describes how to reconfigure, or remove and re-add, the Native Mail Client on a Mac.


1.  Open the Mail App.  You may have to locate the Mail App using Finder.

2.  In the tool bar, click on "Accounts."

mail and accounts

3.  Find your Exchange account.  It should show the email address

add new exchange account

4.  Remove this Exchange mail account by clicking the "-" at the bottom of the window.

remove button

5.  Add the updated or new Exchange account back by clicking "Add Account."

6.  Choose a mail provider.

choose a mail provider

7.  You will need to enter your email address (

enter email address

8.  You will be asked to manually configure or sign in to complete the creation of the account and you want to click "Sign In."

click sign in

9.  Now you will need to enter the password associated with your email account.

sign in with auburn credentials

10.  Your permission will be requested in order for the Mail App to access your information.  You need to click "Accept."

accept permissions

11.  Select the apps you would like to use with this account.

select apps

12.  Click "Done."