Removing the AU_WiFi cached user info from macs

When setting up AU_WiFi on Macs the user info will get cached. This information should be removed if a different user needs to log into AU_WiFi on the computer.

  1. Delete the AU_WiFi connection:
    • Turn off the AirPort (click the AirPort icon Mac Airport on right end of top menu bar. Select Turn Off AirPort)
    • Open Network Preferences (on menu when you click the AirPort icon)
    • Select AirPort in the left column of Network Preferences then click Advanced
    • Under the Advanced Tab, delete the AU_WiFi connection. Select AU_WiFi from network list by clicking it. Then, click the minus sign at the bottom of the column to delete it.
    • Under 802.1x Tab, delete User Profiles (click on it to select then click minus), and delete Login Window Profiles (click on it to select then click minus)
  2. Delete AU_WiFi certificates in Keychain
    • Open a new Finder Window (Click Finder icon in the Dock)
    • Applications -> Utilities -> Open Keychain Access
    • In left column top menu (keychains) select Login, then select Certificates in the bottom menu (category)
    • Delete (control+click then select delete)
    • In bottom menu select Passwords. Delete WPA: AU_WiFi
  3. Turn AirPort back on and log in. If the user info is still not deleted:
    • Open a new Finder Window
    • Click on Macintosh HD -> Users -> house iconusername -> Library -> Preferences
      Note: you may see library listed when you click open up the finder window. This is NOT the right one. You need to be in the User's Library, not the Macintosh HD Library.
    • You will have to expand the window before you will be able to tell which file to delete. Click on the two parallel vertical lines under right scroll arrows and drag right.
    • Delete (control+click -> Move to Trash)