Requesting IT Assistance for College of Liberal Arts Faculty & Staff

The ServiceNow platform is a request management ticket system the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) uses to ensure that IT issues and service requests get directed to the appropriate employee in the CLA-IT Office (3233 Haley Center) and resolved in a timely manner.  

ServiceNow allows end-users to:

  1. Keep track of the progress toward resolving their issues or meeting their needs
  2. Communicate directly with the IT professional(s) assigned to your ticket,
  3. Access the record of the incident anytime, anywhere. 
  4. Search the Knowledge Base to find most IT solutions the average user will experience in their job. 

All CLA faculty, staff, and students should submit requests for assistance to the ServiceNow Platform.

Please route your communications to the CLA-IT staff using ServiceNow rather than email or text. This is the most efficient way for our staff to prioritize and solve your IT issues and requests. ServiceNow is divided in three areas to handle different types of situations:

1) Report Issue–when you need to tell someone your computer-related equipment is not working the way it should. Login to ServiceNow is required to submit an incident report. After submitting, you can follow the status of the incident by clicking on the “My Items” on the ServiceNow homepage. The URL to submit Incident Reports is or you can send an email to Use the subject line and body of the email to describe problem(s) you are experiencing. 

2) Request Help–use this when you are not experiencing a broken system, but you still want support from the CLA-IT staff then submit a ticket to Request Help. Examples of Help Requests would be when you want instructions to use a feature of software you have not used before, or you want to check when your computer is scheduled to be replaced, or you are requesting a departmental email account, or you want to give or remove access to a person in your office to a shared resource. In most cases, if it is not broken IT you want to contact the IT Staff about, use Request Help. Users must be logged into ServiceNow to submit this type of report. The URL to submit a Request Help report is .

3) Finally, ServiceNow also contains an extensive KnowledgeBase (KB) about all things IT at Auburn University. The URL to search the KB is