Respondus 4.0 (Quiz Creation)

Respondus 4.0 is a quiz creation software that simplifies the process of generating online quizzes and exams. With its direct integration with Canvas, this tool can import properly formatted text documents and seamlessly push them to your learning management system. Additionally, Respondus 4.0 offers the ability to convert a test created within Canvas into a text version, making it easy to modify and distribute to your students. This streamlined workflow saves time for educators and enables them to concentrate on other essential aspects of teaching.

You can download Respondus 4.0 through AU Install

Print out a Canvas quiz with Respondus

In Canvas:

  1. Select Settings in the Canvas course navigation menu.
  2. Select Export Course Content and change the Export Type to Quiz.
  3. Select your quiz and select Create Export.
  4. When the export finishes select the link to your export and save the .zip file to your computer.

In Respondus:

  1. Change the Current Personality to IMS QTI
  2. Select Import Questions.
  3. Make sure Type of file is set to QTI and select Browse.
  4. Change file type to Zipped IMS QTI package (.zip)
  5. Select your downloaded Canvas export file and select Open.
  6. In the create a new document name box, enter a name for your quiz file.
  7. Select Preview to import the questions, then select Finish.
  8. Switch to the Preview + Publish tab and open Print Options, and select your desired format.
  9. Use the Save to File feature to save as a Word document or text file.


You will now have a document that can be easily printed. Please email or book time with Biggio Tech if you would like to set up a training.