Ricoh Copying on Campus

The Ricoh devices located across campus also have copying capability.  If you are familiar with the printing process, the copying process is similar.  It is recommended that if you are an Auburn student, you have funds pre-loaded on your TigerPrint Account.

Click here for list of Ricoh Devices around campus.

Click here for Ricoh Printing Instructions.

Copying on a Ricoh Device with your Auburn Username 


  1. On the pay kiosk, tap “Auburn Username.”

printing kiosk


  1. Log in using your Auburn credentials.

printing kiosk

printing kiosk


  1. Tap “Copy.”

printing kiosk


  1. If you have no funds in your TigerPrint account, you will be prompted to pay with a credit card.  You will not be permitted to make copies without entering a payment method.  Tap the credit card button below.

printing kiosk


  1. You will be prompted to insert or swipe your credit card on the terminal.  NOTE:  A $10 temporary hold will be placed on this payment method (uploading funds via does not result in a hold).

printer kiosk screen


  1. On the kiosk you will be presented with a list of products and associated prices.  You can also see the balance of your TigerPrint account.  There is no action required on this screen.  To continue copying, proceed to the next step.

printing kiosk


  1. Using the kiosk printer to your right, lift the lid and place the document you wish to copy on the glass and using the touch pad on the copier, proceed with your copies.
  2. The appropriate cost will be charged to your TigerPrint account or your payment method.

screen for printing kiosk