ServiceNow: How to Create an Interaction

An Interaction records the initial point of contact for assistance made through a chat, email, phone call, walk-in, or self service. Fulfillers can then decide if the Interaction needs to be escalated and turned into an Incident or Request.

How to create an Interaction:

  1. Open Agent Workspace, located in the top banner under the Workspace tab.

  2.  Select the '+' tab 

  3. On the form, fill in the fields for:
    1. Opened For: Who the Interaction is for
    2. Contact Email and Contact Phone: 'Opened for' User information (If they have previously used ServiceNow, this will be auto-filled for you)
    3. Type: The communication channel used when the Fulfiller interacted with the User
    4. Assignment Group: What group needs to work this Interaction
    5. Assigned To: The Fulfiller (This should only be filled when the Interaction is being worked on)
    6. Short Description: A brief description of the Interaction
    7. Description: More in depth or additional information of the Interaction
    8. Work Notes: Inscription about the work that you perform on the Interaction or any discussion you have with your group member (not the User)

      NOTE: You cannot communicate with the User through an Interaction. This is strictly meant to be a "scratchpad" to document Interactions between you and a User. If you need to communicate with a User, you will need to generate a Request or Incident from the Interaction. 

  4. Save, an Interaction record is created. The User's Interactions and the User's Task related list are available on the Interaction form.

  5.  After Creating an Interaction, there are two scenarios that can happen,
    1.  Close out the Interaction: the Interaction work is fulfilled and no communication needs to occur between the Fulfiller and User.
    2.  Generate a Request or Incident from Opened Interaction: there is still active work needing to be fulfilled and communication between the Fulfiller and User is needed.

      NOTE: If you generate a Request/Incident from the Interaction, you will still need to manually close the Interaction for it to be complete.


How to create a Request or Incident from an opened Interaction: 

Make sure you are in the Agent Workspace, on the opened Interaction,

  1.  Assign the Interaction to the Fulfiller

  2.  Determine if the Interaction is a Request or Incident.

    •  Incident: an occurrence that can disrupt or cause a loss of operations, services, or functions.

      1.  Select the "Create Incident" button in the top right of the Interaction
      2.  Fill out the Report an Issue form with the appropriate information
      3.  Submit Incident and Close out the opened Interaction (this will not happen automatically)

    •  Request: a request from a user or a User's authorized representative that initiates a service action which has been agreed as a normal part of service delivery.

      1.  Select the ellipses (three dots) button and select "Create Request" option from pop up 
      2.  A new page to the Service Portal will open, where you will have the ability to search for the specific Request form that fits your Interactions needs
      3. Fill out the Request fields accordingly
      4. Submit Request and Close out the opened Interaction (this will not happen automatically)

  3.  Work the Request or Incident per usual (This can be done from the Agent Workspace or Platform)