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Nothing! (Except for an updated browser)

SharePoint is an internet technology that is accessed from the latest version of the following browsers: Edge, FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari. No special software is required to use SharePoint. Microsoft Office Online also allows you to open Microsoft documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even Visio on the server, all within the browser. However, to get the full feature set in these documents, Microsoft Office does need to be installed on the client machine.

We recommend the lastest version of Microsoft Edge (new Chromium version) for use with SharePoint. It has been the most consistent version of any browser so far, and is available for macOS, iOS, and android. For a full list of supported controls and browsers, please visit the Microsoft SharePoint Browser Support page.

The following information is related to our SharePoint On-Premise farm ( and

Version: SharePoint Server 2019 Enterprise

  • File Size Upload: 15 GB
  • Default Site Collection: 25 GB *more upon request

The following information is related to our SharePoint Online Tenant (

Version: SharePoint Online Microsoft 365

  • File Size Upload: 250 GB
  • Files attached to list items: 250 MB
  • Default Site Collection: 25 GB *more upon request


SharePoint Online offers an incredible amount of storage, and we are happy to work with you to make sure your needs will be met if you choose to move your file-share to Microsoft 365. SharePoint offers flexibility that file-shares cannot allowing you to easily and securely access, collaborate, and share documents from anywhere.

SharePoint does not require you to have Microsoft Office to interact with the platform, and documents can be created and modified in the browser. However, we do suggest having the latest version of Microsoft Office installed to unlock the full capabilities of each application such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio.