Sharing Documents via OneDrive

Sharing Documents via OneDrive

There are two ways to share documents.  You can share from within the document and from within a folder.  Below are instructions for both.


Sharing via OneDrive from Within a Document

  1. With the document open, click “File”.

example of file button

  1. While on the Information screen click “Share” in the left navigation bar.

file menu in onedrive

  1. On the Share Menu, click “Share with People”.

share button in onedrive

  1. A pane will open on the right side of the document.  Here you can Invite people, add a message, and share the document.

share dialog box

  1. Use the address book or simply type in the email address of the person you wish to share the document with.  Select that person’s permissions for that document, then click share.

additional share dialog box

The person or people you have chosen to share the document with will receive an email containing a link.  By clicking this link they will have access to the document.


Sharing via OneDrive from Within a Folder

  1. While in a folder right click on the document you want to share.

dialog box within folder


  1. Click “Share”.


  1. The following window will open:

sharing by sending a link


  1. Click “Anyone with the link can edit” to change permissions before sharing.  You will see the following options:

sharing by sending a link


  1. Select the permissions, add an expiration date, and a password (all optional), and click “Apply”.


  1. Type in the email address.  The system will search and you can select the address.  You may add multiple addresses if needed.


sharing by sending a link


  1. Here you can send this sharing invitation, or just send the link to the document by clicking the icon for “Copy Link”.  The person you have invited to the document will receive an email.