Solstice is the collaboration platform Auburn University uses in our Engaged and Active Student Learning classrooms (EASL) that makes it easy for learners and instructors to share their devices to the room displays. Solstice pods are available in all ACLC and Mell EASL classrooms, lectures halls, and study rooms. Once connected to the Solstice pod you will be able to share presentation materials or multimedia content wirelessly.


For more general information about Solstice see this getting started user guide.


Download the Solstice app.


Please email or book time with Biggio Tech if you would like to set up a training.


Connecting to a Solstice Display:

Please note: If you have previously installed Solstice app, skip step 2. 

1. Connect your device to AU_WiFi.

2. Download and install the Mersive Solstice app to your device directly from

3. After opening the Solstice app, type in the IP address located at the top right and bottom left of the solstice displays into the search bar and click enter.  

4. When prompted, enter the 4-digit key shown on the displays in the room, this key will change on each use. 

5. Once connected, select what you would like to share. Desktop will share your entire device screen. AppWindow will allow you to share a single app window such as PowerPoint or web browser. Media file will allow you to share an individual audio or video file. 


Breakout Mode/Student Led Mode on Solstice: 

It is recommended that students not connect to the classroom display until prompted for their breakout rooms. Breakout rooms make individual pods and screen keys for each color grouping/display. Users will have to disconnect from the classroom display to connect to their group’s display. 

In breakout mode, each display in the classroom will have its own display name, IP address, and screen key for students to log into.

Using the AMX control panel, you can switch to Student Led mode, then select the color groups to display one group's display to all of the displays in the classroom. 



Things to Remember: 

Mac Laptop users should be aware you will need to give Solstice permissions for content sharing and screen sharing, click this link to learn more. 


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