Student information for Printing Gradescope BubbleSheets

Link to single sided PDF Bubblesheet 100 questions ; Double sided, if needed (200 Questions) Print on front and back. 


Click on the links above to open the PDF document in your browser on your computer or mobile device. The image below is Safari, scroll down to the bottom center of the image, a popup overlay will appear allowing you a button to click to download the PDF as a file. The image below that is Chrome, in the top right corner there are links to save the document as a file, or print it directly to an attached printer.  

Instructions for using TigerPrint copiers on campus:


Your paper copy should NOT look like this:

Printed a screen capture of part of the sheet


Or This:

Printed the pdf within a browser.


It should look like this: (8.5 inch by 11 inches)