Submitting an Incident in ServiceNow

This article will describe how to submit an incident (or trouble ticket) within ServiceNow.

View this instructional video for more information.

1. Navigate to and click on “Report an Issue.”

home page, submit an incident

2. You will be taken to the “Report an Issue” form. This form is used when something previously working is now "broken" or no longer performing.  This could be an application, an internet connection, your email, your telephone, or any other University-related technology.

3. The contact information should autofill with the data associated with the individual filling out the form. If the individual filling out the form is not the user experiencing the issue, that information can be changed.  To change it, click the field for "who is experiencing this issue" and enter the Auburn user ID or the individual's name experiencing the issue.  Additionally, the preferred email address and phone number should autofill with the contact information associated with that user.  If it is not correct, that information can also be edited.

contact information

4. Next, you will provide details on the issue you are experiencing. Using the dropdowns, select the "type" of issue you are experiencing.  This information helps the OIT Service Desk to direct your issue to the correct department or group.

dropdown, what type of issue are you experiencing

5. Select “what” you are experiencing the issue with.

dropdown, what are you experiencing the issue with

6. Select "how" this issue is affecting job functions.

dropdown, how is this affecting job function

7. Select "how many" people are affected by this issue.

drop down, how many people are being affected

8. Select the "service" that is being affected.

what service is being affected

9. Enter the "location" where the issue is taking place.

location of the issue

10. Under Incident Details, enter a short description of the issue in the first field and a longer, more detailed description in the second field.

incident details

11. If needed, you can add an attachment to the incident. To add an attachment, click on the button "add attachments."

add attachment

12. When you have completed the incident form, please review the information to ensure that everything is correct and no required field was missed.  Scroll back up to the top of the form and click the green "submit" button to complete the incident.

submit completed incident

13. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. When a comment is made, you will receive emails from those attending to your issue.  Some of these comments will require a response from the user.  We encourage you to check each email that you receive regarding your issue.  When the incident is resolved, you will receive a resolution email.