Testing: Online Proctoring Service ProctorU

ProctorU is a proctoring service Auburn University uses through Testing Services.

ProctorU is a combination of human and artificially intelligent computer-based systems.

Instructors configure the assessment in their Canvas course to utilize the online proctoring solution. When a student connects into a proctoring session, students verify their identity using government-issued ID, and secure their location through a 360-degree scan of the test-taker’s location. The test-taker is then recorded through their webcam during the testing. An AI system triages the video and identifies red flags for the instructor to review. Canvas auto-grades any multiple choice and short answer questions; instructors must grade essay type questions.

Faculty should consider online proctoring for high-stakes exams to ensure academic integrity. Instructors should consider creating and having students take a short quiz with this technology enabled to ensure students are comfortable that this will work for the high-stakes exam.

Using ProctorU

Grading and Review

Some users may have privacy concerns. All software and technology at Auburn University is vetted through an extensive process that includes compliance with privacy standards, data security, accessibility, and legal requirements. The platforms we support on campus have all demonstrated to the appropriate experts at Auburn that their practices and policies align with our requirements and expectations.

Assurance of academic integrity is critical for Auburn University. There is no alternative to a secured testing experience. Students may consider going to a location that is not their personal room and conducting the proctored exam.

For more details about online proctoring see the Biggio Center's Proctoring page.