TigerPrint by Ricoh Overview



The on-campus student printing is managed and supported by Ricoh. In addition to a fully functioning printing solution, Ricoh ensures that a dedicated technician is on campus during University business hours.

Multiple kiosks and prepay printers are located around Auburn's campus for students to print. All printers will default to black and white (B&W) and single-sided (simplex) printing. Color and double-sided (duplex) printing options are available via Mobility Print or by utilizing an on-campus computer (located in a lab or in the RBD Library).

Students living in campus Residence Halls may bring a personal printer to campus. While wireless printing is not available in the Residence Halls, we recommend configuring personal printers via Bluetooth or direct connection from your computer to your printer with the proper cable (USB, lightning, etc.).

For questions or issues with Ricoh student printing, please contact the IT Service Desk at 334-844-4944, email itservicedesk@auburn.edu, or come by our office at 3010 RBD Library (3rd Floor). For more information regarding the Service Desk, please visit: aub.ie/servicedesk. (Note: the Library staff does not support student printing. You must contact the Service Desk for help or questions regarding student printing.)

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