TigerPrint: Mobility Print macOS Installation

For assistance with TigerPrint by Ricoh, please contact the IT Service Desk by calling 334-844-4944, emailing itservicedesk@auburn.edu, or visiting our office located at 3010 RBD Library (3rd Floor). For more information about the IT Service Desk, please visit: aub.ie/servicedesk. (Note: the Library staff does not support student printing. You must contact the Service Desk for help or questions regarding student printing.)

Mobility Print by Ricoh is the preferred printing method for students on Auburn's campus. To utilize Mobility Print, you must be connected to AU_WiFi.

Follow these instructions for utilizing Mobility Print:

  1. Install the Ricoh Print Queue profile for your device (phone, tablet, or laptop) by scanning the QR code located at each Ricoh printing location or by navigating to aub.ie/mobilityprint. For more detailed instructions, please see below for macOS installation instructions.
  2. Locate the document to be printed on your device and select 'Print.' Select RicohPrinters as your desired printer and set your print settings (color or b/w, number of copies, single or double-sided, etc.) before submitting.
  3. Once your document is processed, you will receive an email with your release code. This code will be the same every time you print.
  4. To print your document(s), you can swipe your Tiger Card at one of the prepay printers, or log in to a kiosk using your Auburn credentials, or print release code. For further information on how to utilize the prepay and kiosk printers, please see the Knowledge Base Article KB0012479.
macOS Installation Instructions

Follow the steps below or view this Instructional Video to install and use Mobility Print by Ricoh on your Mac computer.   

  1. After using the Aubie link, you will be taken to the download screen for the Mobility Print installer.  The link will provide you with the installer that you need. Click "Download" to begin the process.


mobility print download screen


  1. The dmg file will download. Click it to open the installer package.


mobility print downloaded installer


  1. The PaperCut Mobility Print Client will open. The installer package will be inside. Click the package to begin installing the profile.


mobility print installer package


  1. The installer will open. You will be guided through the necessary steps. Click "Continue."


mobility print installer page


  1. Click "Continue" to accept the license.


mobility print license agreement


  1. To continue installing the software, you must read and agree to the software license agreement. Click "Agree". 


mobility print license agreement


  1. The recommendation is not to change the installation location. Click "Install."


mobility print install location


  1. Enter your administrator password for your Mac to complete the installation and click "Install Software".


mobility print install software


  1. The installation will run, and you will receive a message that it was successful. Click "Close".


mobility print installation successful


  1. You can move the installer to the trash. Click "Move to Trash". 


  mobility print installer to trash


  1. Mobility Print has been installed. The windows will close. Print as you normally would, selecting “RicohPrinters” as the printer.


  1. Using Word as a printing example, when in the document, you can choose File > Print or click the printer button across the top of the document. 


  1. Ensure that RicohPrinters is selected and click "Print". 


mobility print word document printing example


  1. Enter your Auburn credentials and click "OK". 


auburn credentials screen



  1. You will be required to enter your Auburn credentials each time you print. We do not recommend checking the box to "remember this password in my keychain" at the end. 


  1. Your document is now ready to print. You should receive an email from TigerPrint with a print release code. You can use this code or your Tiger Card to retrieve your document. 


papercut email confirmation


  1. For more information on how to print, please reference our TigerPrint Knowledge Base article.  


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