TigerPrint: Pricing, Payment Options, and Refunds

For assistance with TigerPrint by Ricoh, please contact the IT Service Desk by calling 334-844-4944, emailing itservicedesk@auburn.edu, or visiting our office located at 3010 RDB Library (3rd Floor). For more information about the IT Service Desk, please visit: aub.ie/servicedesk. (Note: the library staff does not support student printing. You must contact the Service Desk for help or questions regarding student printing.
Pricing Payment Options Refunds

TigerPrint Pricing

Black and White: Color:
Single-Sided (Simplex): $0.17 Single-Sided (Simplex): $0.50
Double-Sided (Duplex): $0.20 Double-Sided (Duplex): $0.70

Payment Options

There are two payment options available to students for printing:


If your job does not print or does not print correctly due to a machine malfunction while attempting to print, you have the option to request a refund from Ricoh. Note: Ricoh will NOT refund jobs printed to the incorrect printer.

Students have two options for requesting a refund:

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