Update ServiceNow Group Memberships

Updating a ServiceNow group is a simple, fully-automated process.

  1. Open the ServiceNow catalog item.

  2. Under Request Information, set the Request type to ServiceNow Group Membership Change.

  3. You should now be presented with the Group Maintenance Details set of questions.
    1. For Request Type, choose Add group member or Remove group member based on your needs.
    2. For Group, choose the group you wish to modify.

  4. A new selection will now be available for you to identify which individuals you want to add or remove.  If you are adding, you can select active Auburn University accounts that are not currently in the group.  If you are removing, you are presented with the current group members.  Multiple individuals can be added to the entry one at a time.

  5. Press the Submit button when you are finished selecting individuals.

If you are the manager of the group that was selected, fulfillment of the request will be immediately completed.  However, if you are not the group manager, an approval request will be sent to the group manager.  If approved, it will be immediately fulfilled.  If denied, the request will be cancelled and closed.