Usernames, Passwords, & PINs

Usernames are permanent and unique identifiers assigned to an individual upon enrollment or employment at Auburn University.  Usernames created after July 5, 2006, will generally consist of the user's first, middle, and last initials followed by a four-digit number (ex. abc1234). Usernames created before July 5, 2006, will be grandfathered into the system, and generally consist of the first five letters of the last name, followed by the first initial and middle initial.

Auburn University passwords are alphanumeric strings of characters that grant you, in association with a given username, access to many computing resources (such as AU Access, AU Install, computing stations, email, etc.).  Passwords needed for Auburn resources can be managed through MyAccount.

An Auburn University PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is assigned to an individual when they were enrolled or employed at Auburn. PINs are only used by faculty and student advisors, so PINs are typically only known by students when a registration hold needs to be removed.

REMINDER: Your password will need to be updated immediately on all devices (e.g., phones, tablets, laptops). Failure to do so may automatically lock your account. If this occurs, contact the IT Service Desk at (334) 844-4944.

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For questions regarding your Auburn account, please contact the IT Service Desk. The Service Desk can be contacted by phone (334-844-4944), email (, Zoom (, or by chat ( For more information regarding the Service Desk location and hours of operation, please go to: