Viewing/Managing Common Room Resources with Exchange Calendars




Opening Shared Calendar Resources:

Open the Outlook client on your computer (or at Switch to the Calendar View. Right click on People's Calendars (or use the . . .) to open the sub-menu 

Click on any graphic to pop-out a larger version

Mac Screen Above -- PC Below -- Right click on "My Calendars" then "Add Calendar" then "Open Shared Calendar"

Choose the Add Shared Calendar option in

the sub-menu

In the search box start typing the name of the shared room resource. The list of possible rooms will auto-complete as you type. When the name of the room you are wanting to add appears Select it and then press Open. Your Departmental Admin can give you the list of rooms in your area that can be managed in Outlook. 


On the Search Box start typing the Name of the Room Resource.

When the added calendar is selected the current room reservation appears in your Outlook Calendar. You can manage which calendar(s) detail appears by selecting the different calendars you have access to.  

New Shared Calendar is added to the "My Calendars" Croup


Creating a Room Reservation:

Create a New Event in Outlook calendar page. Title your Event, Add additional participants to the event (This will place the appointment on their personal calendar also), Date and time of the Event. In the Location field start typing the name of the room you wishto reserve. Select the room and Send.  This will place a tentative hold on the room for the date and time you selected. All events created will be approved by the Room Owner before becoming permanent. 

Copy of the email the Event creator will receive indicating status of their reservation. This may come up to 10 minutes after you SEND in the previous step. 
Pink events are Room Reservations, blue are events on my personal calendar. Since I created the Event and added the Location, the event appears on both calendars. The chevron strip on the left side of the event indicates it is tentative and has not yet been accepted by the Room Owner
Email the event creator receives after the room owner accepts or rejects the event. In this case the event was accepted and now it will appear on the room calendar as a permanent event.