Web Hosting

The Office of Information Technology provides a number of options and resources for students, employees, and organizations to host information and data online.  OIT also provides Campus Web Solutions, a custom web development contract service.

  1. The Linux/UNIX server, known as Mallard, hosts the Auburn University homepage. All students and employees can request 2GB of individual web space set up on this server (http://webhome.auburn.edu/~username). Colleges, departments, units, centers, and student organizations can also request UNIX Server Web Space for their official use.

  2. SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration tool that makes it easier for people to work together. It helps people set up sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.

    Request a SharePoint Site

  3. WordPress, which is available to student organizations, full-time employees, and departments, is the most popular blogging software in the world.  Choose a theme and start creating your website.

    Request WordPress Site

  4. A Windows server running IIS and ASP.NET, often using Microsoft SQL databases, is available to graduate students and employees by request.

    Request Windows Server IIS Space

Features Linux/UNIX SharePoint WordPress Windows
Secure HTTPS capability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Server-side includes Yes No Yes Yes
PHP Yes No Yes No
VB.NET, C#, ASP, VB No Yes No Yes
ASP.NET Framework No Yes No Yes
MySQL Yes No Yes No
SQL Yes Yes No Yes
Backed up nightly Yes Yes Yes Yes
Undergraduate Students Yes No No No
Graduate Students Yes Yes No Yes
Student Organizations Yes Yes Yes No
Employees Yes Yes Yes Yes
Departments Yes Yes Yes Yes

Student Organizations

Every chartered student organization in good standing has a public web page linked from the Office of Student Involvement website.

Note: Student organization web pages must conform to the Student Organization Web Space Policy.

Web Editing Software

To create web pages more quickly and easily, plus without having to learn HTML, you can use a web page editor or HTML editor.

Adobe Dreamweaver (which is available to all students at adobe.auburn.edu) is a popular web page editing program that is compatible with the Unix Server.

Knowledge Articles

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