What is an Aub.ie Link and How Do I Create One?

What is an aub.ie link?

aub.ie is Auburn University's Official Short URL Generator.

If you have a long URL or one that isn’t easy to remember, you can use aub.ie to create a shortcut to it.  For example, if you have trouble remembering the address of the Auburn Creed's webpage, we created aub.ie/creed. Anyone with a valid Auburn University username/password can create an aub.ie shortcut, but anyone can use aub.ie shortcuts and QR codes.

aub.ie features:


Are aub.ie links safe?

Yes, aub.ie links should be considered safe. All activity within the aub.ie system is logged, URLs are scanned for malicious content, and shortcuts are cross-referenced against a list of banned words. Individuals found to be violating the Terms of Service will have their shortcuts removed and be prohibited from using the system.  The eventual webpage that gets loaded may be out of the control of Auburn University so caution should be used when visiting any website that is unfamiliar to you.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to more common questions.


How Do I Create an aub.ie link?

  1. Go to aub.ie
  2. Here you can click "my aub.ie shortcuts" to view the shortcuts you have already created, and you can view FAQs.

aub.ie link generator

  1. On this screen, you can enter a link that you wish to shorten.  Type out the address to the link and click “shorten.”
  2. You will see the below screen.  Here, you can add other admins and click "create" to create the link.

new aub.ie link request

  1. From the aub.ie screen, you can manage the shortcuts you have already created.

list of current shortcuts

  1. On this screen you have a few options.
    1. Edit the link
    2. See the analytics for that link
    3. Generate a QR code
    4. Delete the link

If you have any questions or issues with your your Aub.ie links please contact the OIT Service Desk.