What is an IP Address and How Can I Find It?

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a unique string of characters that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network. An IP address is expressed as a series of numbers separated by periods. An example format of an IP address is:

Why would I need to know my IP address?

An IP address tells the location of a computer and where it is located on a network. It helps to determine if a computer is having issues connecting to the network.

How do I find the IP address on a Windows Machine or PC?

1. In the search bar on a Windows computer, type CMD or Command Prompt. Next, click on the Command Prompt application.

Windows command prompt

2. Once you click on that application, it will bring up a black box. This is the Command Prompt. You will see a flashing line in the black box, and this is where you can type out your command to get the results you need to obtain the IP address. Type ipconfig, and hit Enter.

Windows command prompt ipconfig

3. Below is an example of the information that the command prompt will give to you after you hit enter. The IP address for your machine will be the series of numbers listed next to IPv4 Address.

Windows command prompt ip address

How do I find the IP address on a Mac or Apple Computer?

1. On a MAC computer, click on the WiFi symbol in the top right corner of the computer screen, and click Network Preferences.

mac wifi network preferences option

2. Ensure that the WiFi connection is highlighted so that the computer is showing details regarding the WiFi connection. Click Advanced.

mac advanced wifi settings

3. Click on the TCP/IP tab, and you will see the IP address for the computer listed as IPv4 Address.

If you have updated your Mac to Ventura, you will click the WiFi symbol, next to AU_WiFi click Details, and the IP address will be found under the TCP/IP tab.

ip address on mac tcp ip tab

Should you need assistance locating the IP address on your device or if you are experiencing network or wireless connectivity issues on campus, contact the IT Service Desk at (334) 844-4944 or itservicedesk@auburn.edu