What is the Mail Relay service?

What is OIT’s mail relay service?


OIT’s mail relay service is an unauthenticated SMTP relay.  In normal terms, this service provides a way for printers, copiers, appliances, or server scripts to send email messages without having to worry about complex configuration settings.  Because it uses minimal requirements for connections, OIT's mail relay allows for a wide variety of devices to send email through the University system.


How do I use the mail relay service?


The first step is to reserve a DHCP on the campus network for your device.  Using dynamic (DHCP) addressing may cause inconsistencies in the devices ability to use the mail relay service.  To obtain a static IP address for your device, please refer to the DHCP Reservations/Releases form.   You may also navigate to auburn.edu/OIT and type “DHCP” in the search field.  The first result should be the DHCP Reservations/Releases Form.


Once a DHCP has been assigned and the device is connected to and communicating on the campus network, you can register the device for the mail relay service using one of the below links:


https://relayrequest.auburn.edu  or  https://rr.auburn.edu 


Why do I have to register the device?


You must register your device because the mail relay service is unauthenticated.  There are additional security measures in place to prevent unwanted or malicious use of the service.  


Once you have registered your device and sent a test message, there is minimal overhead in maintaining the connectivity.


How can I manage my registered devices?


To view and manage your registered devices, log in to the relay request web application at https://rr.auburn.edu and click on the “Your Requests” tab.


From here, you can view the details of any devices registered under your ID.  You can also disable specific devices from this screen to prevent any further email traffic from the specified device.



The device I am trying to register says it has already been registered.  What do I do?


In rare cases, you might encounter the error "One or more of the requested machines have already been added by you or another party."


You can view a list of all registered devices and their technical contact under the “All Requests” tab.   If you see the IP address you are trying to register in that list, you can contact the person listed to find out why the device has already been registered.


If you don’t see your device in the list, it may have been previously disabled.  To re-enable it, contact the mail relay administrators at oitemailadmins@auburn.edu.