Why don't I see what I expected to see in SharePoint?

If you try to access a SharePoint site and do not see what you expected to see, there may be multiple reasons. Please review the items below and then contact your Site Collection Administrator or Site Owner if you still cannot access the content.

Are you logged in?

Most SharePoint sites require logging in with your AU username and password. If you have entered the wrong format for the username or the wrong password, you may not be able to access protected content. 

You don't have permissions

Permissions should have been setup by your Site Owner and Site Collection administrator. If you receive an access denied message, it may be because your username is not included in those permissions. If you can access the site, but not all the content you may be able to request access if access requests are enabled. You will see the following screen if you need to request access:

sharepoint error message

The request will be emailed to the site administrator. If you know who your site administrator is, you may want to follow up the request with a MS Teams message or phone call. If you do not know, feel free to submit a General Service Request.

Compatibility issues - Browser or Microsoft Office

SharePoint can be accessed from the most up-to-date browsers. We recommend Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. To ensure you are getting the best browsing experience, upgrade your browser to the latest version. 

Please keep the most updated version of Microsoft Office on your computer as well. For the best compatibility, please talk to your IT provider regarding the highest version of the MS Office Suite they support.