Learning with LinkedIn

Welcome to LinkedIn Learning! 

If you experience issues with your learning history please use the following links:

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Signing In:

Signing in is easy!  Visit your AU Access Employees page and the icon for LinkedIn Learning will be under Employee Tools, and to the far right under Professional Development and Training.  The logo under Employee Tools will eventually be updated to just the LinkedIn Logo.

AUAccess screen     AU Access screen 

The Home Page:

LinkedIn HomePage

The Home Page is full of information about your learning and has several ways to find learning.

At the top you will find "Featured Learning".  These are new and popular sessions that are featured for a short time period.  You will also see "Top Picks for You" and lessons you may be interested in based on your past learning.

The Browse Tool will allow you to find new sessions.  These will be categorized by type, subject, and software.

LinkedIn Categories

You can also use the Search Tool to type the name or skill that you are looking for.  In this example, we searched for Microsoft

LinkedIn Search

 The "In Progress" tab will show you the learning you haven't finished yet.

My Learning

One the "Saved" Tab you will see the courses that you have saved.  While browsing the courses, when you hoover over a course you will see a small badge in the bottom right hand corner.  Clicking this will save the course.  


Finally, the "Me" Tab will show you all of your account information and your learning history.

My Learning 

Watching a Video:

Simply click a video to watch the lesson.  The video will automatically start to play.  You have the ability to pause and restart the video as needed.  To the right of your video you will see information related to the video you choose.  

LinkedIn Menu Bar

On the "Overview" tab, you can see information related to the course.  You can view the certificates associated with the selected video as well as the exercises that could be needed.  The Learning Objectives are clearly posted so that you can see if this course offers what you are looking for.  

The "Contents" tab will show you the breakdown of the course.  You can replay any of the videos within the course from this tab.  Once you are ready, you can also start the exam from this tab.

If you would rather read along with the instructor or just view the transcript of the course, you can do this on the "Transcripts" tab.  

Finally, the "Exercise Files" tab will provide you with any files needed to complete the course.


Should you experience issues with LinkedIn Learning, please contact the OIT Service Desk at 334-844-4944 or use the following links to LinkedIn Support or to Create a Ticket. 

Below are some helpful links:

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