Working Remotely

Teaching and Attending Classes Online and Working Remotely

Auburn provides many ways to teach and attend classes online or to work remotely.  Please view the following KB Article titled Working Remotely – Tools, Tips, and Tricks.

The Biggio Center has created to web pages to also assist you with teaching and working remotely.  You can reach it by clicking the link below: - This site offers a great deal of information regarding teaching and other questions that faculty may have.

You can also contact Biggio at or 334-844-5181

The list below shows you some of the options Auburn offers for “being remote”:

Zoom – Zoom is a Video Conferencing tool.  Faculty members can log in to schedule meetings or classes.  They will then be able to send invitations for other individuals to attend the scheduled meetings.  Zoom has both audio and video capability.  As a singed user, the meeting can be recorded for later use.  Meetings can be scheduled for that day or many days into future.  Meetings can also be scheduled for the same day and time, but for multiple weeks.

View the following page for more information:

Teams – Microsoft Teams is a platform that combines chat and meetings for the work place.  Users can chat with one another, place video calls, or just phone calls.

View the following page for more information:

Ponopto – Allows you to record your computer screen with audio and upload it to a central location.  Once the recorder is installed, it will record your entire screen with audio.

View the following page for more information:

Office 365 – View your email and use other Microsoft software

Cicso VPN – Connecting to secure information using an internet connection and your Auburn credentials.