How to Ensure Your Zoom Client is Updated and Patched

How to ensure that your Zoom Client is Updated and Patched


It is very important that any software you use is up to date with the most current version and patches or updates. Zoom is no exception.

*Note:  Auburn-owned machines that are joined to Active Directory should be patched automatically.


View the following article, 10 Ways to Secure Your Zoom Meeting, for more information.


Windows Client

zoom home screen


*If you sign in through you will not be required to perform updates.


iOS Device

To turn on automatic updates for apps on iOS:

Note:  You can restrict updates to Wifi only by turning off Automatic Downloads while using Cellular Data.


To Manually Update Apps on your iOS device:

 Android Device

To automatically update apps on your Android device:

To manually update apps on your Android device:


To check for updates on Mac OS

When you start zoom, the version number is at the bottom of the windows:
Zoom sign in
To check for updates, go to the Zoom menu in the Menu bar and click “Check for Updates”:
zoom menu

 If updates are available, you will see a screen with update details.  Click “Update to start the Zoom update installation.
update details
If you are on the most up-to-date version, you will see the following message:
up to date confirmation

The Zoom update will proceed:
update available
When finished, Zoom will restart and show the new version number:
zoom sign in