Limiting Zoom Participants with Authentication

Authentication profiles allow hosts to restrict participants who can join a meeting or webinar to those who are logged into Zoom, and even restrict it to Zoom users who's email address uses a certain domain.  

If a participant tries to join the meeting or webinar and is not logged into Zoom, or logging in with the specified email domain, they will receive one of the following messages:


To turn on this setting, start by scheduling a meeting as normal. Before you finalize the meeting, click to display the Advanced Options. 

On a desktop or laptop, check the box for "Only authenticated users can join" and a dropdown menu will appear. The default option is Auburn University Only, which will require users to use Auburn's Single Sign On in order to join the meeting. If your meeting includes individuals outside of Auburn, you can select the option for "Sign into Zoom" to make sure anyone who joins at least has a Zoom account.

On a mobile device, once you open Advanced Options, you will have to select the "Allow Join Meeting" setting. From there, you can select "Only Authenticated Users Can Join" and choose your method. Again, the default will be for Auburn users only, but you can select "Sign in to Zoom" if you need to open the meeting to others.

Once you've selected your authentication settings, you can finish scheduling your meeting as normal. Please note that you will have to make this adjustment for each meeting that you would like to require authentication. If you're trying to add this setting but don't see the option, use these instructions to make sure your application is up-to-date.