How To Assign Tasks or Incidents

After an incident is added, it is reviewed to ensure that it is properly categorized and prioritized.

To view incidents, navigate to Incidents in the "Filter Navigator" or more efficiently check your dashboard for open-unassigned to see the list of incidents that do not have anyone working on them. Likewise, for Tasks you'll navigate to Tasks in the "Filter Navigator" or check your dashboard for open-unassigned tasks.

EXAMPLE: Filter Navigator

filter navigator for incidents

EXAMPLE: Dashboard

Dashboard Unassigned


After locating and opening an unassigned incident or task, locate the "Assigned to" field on the right side of the record form. There you'll be able to enter the name of the individual who needs to complete the work. 

Incident with assigned to

After you save your changes an email will be sent to the assignee notifying them of the assignment. 


For more information read the ServiceNow documentation on how to "Assign and update incidents.