Recording Options for Zoom

Zoom allows for three ways to record a meeting or part of the meeting.  The meeting in its entirety can be recorded to the local computer; the meeting in its entirety can be recorded to the cloud, and the chat can be exported.  The host can allow participants to record to the local computer. The recording of the entire Zoom meeting needs to be enabled when the meeting is created. 


Instructors may be interested in recording their Zoom sessions because they understand that a number of their students are not able to connect to the synchronous sessions because of technology limitations or time constraints (working, living in a different time zone).  Giving all students access to the Zoom recording after a live session also allows for review and for repeated and deeper exposure to content.  Keeping a record of the chat will make it easier for the faculty member to see who contributed during class as it can be challenging as a presenter to keep a constant eye on the ongoing discussion in the chat window.

Recording to the cloud

Zoom allows for sessions to be recorded into the cloud.  This makes it possible for the recording to happen on one computer and for it to be retrieved from another computer, an option particularly useful if the recording happens in a space that is used by other groups, like a classroom.  One possible disadvantage is that the cloud recording relies on the network speed and on how busy Zoom is, so delays are possible.  

Recording to the local computer

Zoom also allows for sessions to be recorded to the local computer. This kind of recording works faster and may be a better option when the recording happens at home or in a space where the network connection is not entirely reliable.

If allowed, students can record to their local computers as well.  This is a setting to be considered carefully and may only make sense if breakout rooms and what is spoken in them is important.  An alternative to recording a breakout room is the creation of a reflective writing assignment that captures process, ideas and next steps of a group working in a breakout room.

Sharing the recording

The best way to share the Zoom recording is to import it into Panopto as that makes it easier for students to access and to choose in what format they want to view. The first step for this is to find the recording.  Instructors need to remember that locally recorded meetings are only available on the computer used for the recording.  A new integration of Zoom and Panopto automates this sharing for cloud-based recordings.

Exporting the Chat

The export of the chat can either happen at the end of the meeting when the instructor is still in the meeting or it can be automatically saved to the cloud.