How to Cross-List Course in Canvas

NOTE: Please cross-list before using the course(s) with students. When cross-listing, student enrollment will be moved, but no student records (grades or submissions) will transfer. 


1. Click Courses to pop up your course list. Select the section you would like to make the Cross-List Parent. This is the section the other sections, or Children, will be enrolled into.

canvas course numbers in url highlighted

2. Copy or write down the number in the URL for the Parent course. You will need this later.

3. Select another section to be the Child section.

Section selected in Canvas

4. Select the Settings link in the Navigation menu. Then select Sections. 

Settings highlighted with arrow to sections

5. Click the name of the course, not the add new section box.

canvas course sections highlighted with arrow

7. Select the Cross-List this Section link.

Cross list this section highlighted


8. Enter the number of the Parent course from step 2. Press Enter on the keyboard.

parent course numbers entered and highlighted on cross-list pop up

9. Click the Cross-List This Section button.

cross-list this section highlighted with arrow

10. Only the Parent course will be shown once cross-listed. Repeat with as many courses as needed.


Please Note: