iClicker Cloud for Attendance Only Courses

NOTE: This article is intended for instructors running Attendance Only courses in iClicker Cloud. 


Easy, Accurate Attendance in One Click! 


iClicker Cloud’s Attendance tool makes it easier for you to get students to class. No more attendance quizzes or using codes that can easily be shared via text. Once enabled through your iClicker course, geolocation technologies detect whether your students are physically within the established location range of your classroom at the time of your lecture!


Instructors Can: 


And students can check in with their mobile devices or laptops through the iClicker Student App (formerly iClicker Reef). 


iClicker Cloud's Attendance Only Courses are FREE for students! 


Creating your iClicker Account 

1. Go to iClicker.com to create an iClicker account for your course. iClicker for instructors is always free. 


2. Click the Products tab on the menu and from the drop-down list click attendance. Attendance Only courses are free to students. 

products highlighted with arrow on the drop down highlighted attendance


3. Click Learn more about getting started with Attendance,

learn more about getting started with attendance is highlighted

then click Get Started. 

Get started with iclicker attendance


4. Use the following prompts to create your iClicker Cloud account. 

Find Auburn University Main Campus under the first Primary Institution drop-down prompt. 

auburn University main campus is boxed from a dropdown menu


5. Fill in the following as it applies to you. 

primary discipline, primary role, name, AU email, use a different password other than your AU password, confirm the password, skip instructor remote ID, fill in the check mark box to agree to the terms.

then click Create Account! (Example is provided below)

example of all menu options filled in to create an iclicker account 


Creating your iClicker Course

1. On the iClicker dashboard, you will see the option to Create New Course. 

create new course highlighted on iclicker account dashboard

2. Fill out the information regarding your course and make sure Attendance Only is selected. 

Attendance only is highlighted on tell us about your course details pop up

3. We recommend that you keep the details of your iClicker course the same as your Canvas course so that you can easily find your courses on your dashboards. 

overview of course details on iclicker


Students can search for and self-enroll in this course. Which is another reason we recommend keeping your iClicker course information the same as your Canvas course information. Or you can provide students with a join code on the first day of class that you take attendance. 


Attendance Settings

You can change attendance settings in your iClicker course to enable GPS location for attendance check in, and schedule Auto-Run attendance. 

1. Go to Settings from your iClicker course, then click the Attendance tab. settings highlighted in iclicker course

2. From here you can enable location requirements and set the parameters and schedule Auto-Run for attendance. 

attendance settings tab window open

Capturing Attendance

1. Sign in to the iClicker instructor website and select your course. 

arrow to course on iclicker dashboard

2. Click Start Attendance in the upper-left corner. 

arrow to start attendance

3. The Active Attendance Session panel will open.

active session screen

4. Those checked in will be green, and those who are not will be red. You can select the Checked In drop down to see which students have joined the class and the Not Checked In to see which students have not joined the class. 

side by side of checked in and not checked in during active iclicker session

When you select the students who have Not Checked In you will see a status of No Attempt or Out of Range. Out of Range is for those who try to check in outside of the GPS range if you have enabled location requirements for the class. 


5. Once you are done running attendance click End Class. 

End Class highlighted with an arrow



Where to view Attendance Data

From the left-hand navigation menu in your iClicker course click Attendance. You can then view, edit, and export attendance data from your iClicker course. 

attendance and export highlighted from within the attendance tab of iclicker course