Portable Conference Room Station for Tichenor Hall

The A/V hardware in the Dean's Conference Room (Tichenor 310) is in dire need of updating. It functions well for what it was designed for--to share the computer screen from a central computer to the 4 different monitors in the room. It is not ideal for teleconference meetings via Zoom because of audio and video limitations. CLA-IT added a portable cart with TV and Huddle Camera/speaker/microphone to the room to conduct Zooms meetings from your personal laptop. This can be easily used until we can get a more workable solution for the room. The process for using your laptop with the TV is outlines below. Click on any of the thumbnail images to view larger. 

Description of the items on the Rolling TV stand.

1) Plug in Power 

2) Using Remote control to turn on the TV


3) Connect HDMI cable and USB cable to your computer. May take 30 seconds before TV recognizes laptop connected to HDMI. The image shown is for a Mac using a dongle to connect older peripherals via the USB-C port on the Mac laptop. If you have a PC Laptop your laptop may have the HDMI and USB ports built into the body of the laptop. 

4) Start Zoom on your laptop and configure Zoom audio and video settings to use the Camera/Microphone/Speakers in the Crestron unit rather than the laptop for highest quality sound and video. Adjust Volume in the speaker using Laptop speaker settings. The Camera in the Crestron may scan left to right looking for a subject to focus on. 

5) Use the Test Speaker & Microphone ... option to make sure you will be able to hear and speak to your meeting participants. 

5) Connect to your zoom meeting. 

Zoom Meeting in progress. Screen shot from participant computer in Speaker View.
Zoom Meeting in progress. Screen shot from participant computer in Gallery View