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Attention Faculty: We want to inform you that ProctorU has made a change to the browser extension used for proctored exams. Effective immediately, students will no longer use the ProctorU browser extension to take their exams. Instead, students will need to download ProctorU's Guardian Browser to take any ProctorU exam. Students must have the Guardian Browser installed on their computer or laptop in order to take their exam. 


Please communicate this change to your students as soon as possible to ensure they are prepared for their exams.


We highly recommend that you remind students to download the Guardian Browser, check their minimum system requirements, and test their equipment before the start of your exam. 


Please be aware that the instructions below may have significant updates before or during the first half of the Summer 2023 semesters. 

Setting up a ProctorU Record+ Exam in Canvas: 

ProctorU Record+ exams are paid for by the Office of the Provost through Spring 2024. ProctorU Record+ exams are on-demand and test-takers can take the exam within the time frame you select in the "Assign" section on your Canvas quiz. 

screenshot, home page, proctoru on side navigation

screenshot, proctoru extension installed on toolbar

screenshot, proctoru and auto-generate password toggled on

screenshot, proctorU settings and proctorU notifications tabs appear

You will not need to go into your ProctorU account and create an exam when you use Record+. Record+ exams will automatically be listed in your ProctorU account when you toggle them on in Canvas. For full details on setting up Record+ exams in Canvas with ProctorU please visit this help guide

Setting up a ProctorU Review+ Exam:

ProctorU Review+ exams are paid for by the Office of the Provost through Spring 2024. ProctorU Review+ exams are scheduled with a live proctored launch. 

To set up a Review+ exam you must:

Key things to remember when entering ProctorU Review+ exams: 

sreenshot, two browsers opened, canvas url and proctoru

Choosing the exam title and department: 

screenshot, department and exam title fields are shown

Do not use the toggle switch for ProctorU Review+ exams. You must enter your exam in your ProctorU account and submit the exam for review. For full details on how to enter an exam in ProctorU for Review+ please visit this help guide.


Email with questions or book time with Biggio Tech if you would like some assistance with setting up ProctorU exams in Canvas.

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Student Resources: 

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