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Computer Requirement for COSAM Students


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Welcome to Auburn!

COSAM does not have any mandatory computer requirements. Most, if not all, of our specialized software is available via windows virtualized desktop (WVD) for students. It's really the preference of the student as to what type of computer to purchase, Windows, Apple, Linux, Chromebook, or Tablets. The best support on campus will be mostly Windows and Mac, and there is an Authorized Apple Store located at the AU Bookstore in Haley Center.  Also, discounted Apple hardware is available to students. Students also get free access to software like Microsoft Office (O365) and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, so there is no need to purchase those. A student can also access the windows virtual desktop (we refer to this as the "WVD" environment) from a Chromebook as well.

NOTE: Although Chromebook is compatible with most of our systems, ProctorU, and Respondus Lockdown Browser to take online tests are not fully supported on Chromebook.  If you need to take an online test, please have access to a different computer architecture (Windows or Mac) to take your test.

Here are some resources to assist you.

Also, please check out the Student IT Survival Guide at

Please let us know if you have any questions @

War Eagle!